Power That Will Make You Rich (from The Science of Getting Rich)

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  • After a long a time😅😅.. Good to see you 😄😄

  • Had a terrible headache watched your headache video, now headache gone and immediately subscribed. Thankyou

  • Can u help me? Finding my self! I have a lot of things to do in life! But maybe the feeling of happiness is a sin for me! I don't know just don't know I see all the doors are closed! Everyone is expecting good from me! And I'm just losing their expectations! Even I'm losing my expectation from myself. And I want to do something! I really want! But actually, I'm not doing anything to change it! Why I'm not changing! ? Maybe I'm not able to make u understand what I wanted to say! Obviously, I will never ever make people understand what I want to say! What I want to do! Cause I'm a mess.. a huge mess..


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